About us

Unravel & is founded by Rachel & Edwin. Specializing in producing handcrafted pieces curated with personality. With a focus on combining time-honored techniques and contemporary style, Unravel & derives its name from the process of unraveling yarn during crocheting, as well as unraveling thoughts and emotions while creating.

Rachel, the founder, discovered her passion for crochet at the young age of 9 and has since dedicated herself to honing her skills in the craft. Over the years, she has created numerous exceptional products, showcasing her talent and creativity. Her extensive experience and expertise in crochet have been instrumental in shaping Unravel &'s unique designs.

Edwin, introduced to crochet by Rachel, has embraced the art form with equal fervor. Through self-teaching and continuous exploration, he has developed his own distinctive style and technique. His passion for crochet is evident in the meticulous craftsmanship of Unravel &'s creations.

Beyond their business endeavors, Rachel and Edwin are also passionate about sharing their love for crochet with others. They have taken on the role of instructors, teaching crochet to individuals who wish to learn and appreciate this timeless craft. By imparting their knowledge and skills, they aim to inspire a wider audience and foster a deeper appreciation for the art of crochet.

With their combined expertise, dedication, and a keen eye for detail, Rachel and Edwin strive to create handcrafted pieces that reflect individuality and captivate the discerning tastes of their clientele. Each creation from Unravel & embodies the essence of their vision - embracing the free-form nature of crochet to transform thread and hook into endless possibilities.

Unravel & invites you to experience the charm and craftsmanship of their unique handcrafted pieces, where tradition meets contemporary style, and each creation tells a story of passion, creativity, and self-expression.